Saturday, March 27, 2010

Borders Buddy

So I am at Borders today and meet a nice guy named Don Lutz. We were both looking in the design magazine section and struck up a conversation about design and then about his animatronics. So I mentioned my friend Margaret MacLellan, a sculptor who we share studio space with in Rockland MA at the Sandpaper building, was looking to team up with someone who had his skills I really hope they hook up to design magical moving art!

Don's Penguin Video

Maggie's Flying Pig

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  1. well how fun is this! believe it or not, last summer i went down to MA from VT to try and find studio space/slowly move down and met maggie and LOVED the space...just didn't work out logistically and strangely, somehow, i landed in texas. so i'm glad SOMEONE is blogging from that neck of the woods (i bug maggie to blog all the time)
    can't wait for more from the infamous sandpaper building.