Monday, October 11, 2010

New Gap Logo Shows You Gotta Do Your Homework

Why do huge iconic companies re-brand? When you have a logo that
everyone recognizes, what leads you to change the face of your company?
Declining sales is probably the case for most companies but there could be any
number of reasons. Bottom line is they're making an effort to change how people
look at them. Re-branding can and does work. When done methodically
with hours of research, analysis, and brainstorming, design companies can successfully
create a cohesive look and feel. But that's the easy part. The million
dollar question is getting the right fit. With iconic brands is it becomes especially
difficult to convince consumers that the new brand is better then the old one. 

A good design company usually starts with the messaging. How does the company
want to be seen? What do they want to communicate? Then comes the
creative process where the design team creates a sweet new logo! A logo
that relates to the underlying messaging. Hopefully. Apparently the decision makers
at Gap threw up on their shoes in the undoubtedly countless board meetings and
focus groups. Since unvailing their blue box update, it's been subjected to criticism
and ridicule among the public and designers alike. I guess the higher-ups felt they had
their backs to a wall and got desperate. Bill Chandler, vice president of corporate
communications of Gap says, "We love the design, but we're open to other ideas and
we want to move forward with the best logo possible,". Chandler confirmed last night's
message from Gap facebook page, which announced a newer new logo
will be selected through a crowd-sourced project.

Tonight Gap smothered the crowd sourcing idea on their facebook page and
notified everyone that they are returning to old blue. We've seen this before.
Tropicana did the same thing last winter with their new (horrid) packaging design.
There are tons of ways rebranding can blow up in your face. Ideas get watered down
with too much input or not enough. The key is balance. I think finding the right
designers and having faith in them is important to avoiding catastrophe. Gap surely learned
a lesson... a very expensive lesson. I wonder how much money they flushed away?
Now go do your homework.    

     - Cutlip Design Team

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