Monday, December 5, 2011

Rings photographed by Cutlip for Standard Modern
Product photography is an important factor in selling. If you are selling a product you 
are bound to have a catalogue, an online store, an Esty store, and the list goes on. 
You will be judged on the quality of your images. If you are proud of the quality products
 you produce you should be equally concerned in the quality of your photography. Use 
yourself as a judge when it comes to shopping online or through a catalogue. In most 
cases photograph will stir your curiosity. You're more likely to stop or click on 
something with a beautiful picture

One thing we would want to know is do you want a solid background (above) or an on
 location shoot (below). No way is right or wrong its all about what you are going for and 
what the picture/s are being used for. we will also want to know a little bit more about 
your product and where you are planning on using the images.

Photographed by Cutlip for Zamforia
Our pricing is dependent on the item or the image requirements. Turn around time, 
size/shape, material and quantity all play a role in determining the price. Feel free
 to get in touch with us to get a custom quote on your product/s.

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